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BMT Hi-Q Sigma offers public and bespoke training courses and mentoring.

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    What we do

    We help you identify and establish training requirements and benefits that support your goals and objectives, establish the right skill sets and add real value to your business.

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    Bespoke Training Courses

    We specialise in providing a unique training and/or mentoring solution to satisfy your business needs and objectives. We have designed and delivered tailor-made training to support some of the most complex projects and diverse organisations.

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    Project Risk – Back To Basics – Summary

    A one day course on how to improve quality of risk information and write effective risk descriptions. Includes various risk capture techniques and risk quality assurance tools. Suitable for all levels.

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    Enterprise Architecture Overview Course – Summary

    A one day course designed to help delegates understand the basic principles and benefits of using Enterprise Architecture, and appreciate the different frameworks and interfaces. Suitable for all levels.

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    Applying MODAF In Acquisition Course – Summary

    This two day course has been developed to provide system engineers, programme managers and project staff with the practical skills they need to apply MODAF in a way that supports DE&S and informs acquisition decisions.

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    Basic Contract Law for Project Management

    This is a highly interactive course which will give delegates a practical knowledge of contract law relevant to their working environment.

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