Industry in defence

Defence Industry

Our consultants work with the defence industry to capitalise on new opportunities that exist in the defence sector and to improve delivery performance.

The defence industry sector has reasons to look to the future with positivity, with forecasts for future growth, potential to grow exports, and opportunities to capitalise on technology/innovation to shape future capability. To support this growth, companies will need to be more efficient/productive, and have increasing access to competent resources, capability and skills.

According to the latest ADS UK Defence Outlook Report 2017, the UK defence industry has seen a 10% growth since 2010, and the expectation across industry is that it will grow a further 10% in the next 12 months. In addition, to stay competitive in the global market, companies must innovate and the majority of defence companies are increasing their investment in new business opportunities, R&D and Design and Engineering.

With our recognised expertise in Project, Programme and Portfolio management (P3M) and enterprise architecture and systems engineering, we are now seeking to work in partnership with defence company clients, to support them in improving their delivery performance.

  • Want to improve your delivery performance, optimise margins and avoid cost overruns?
  • Or need confidence in the future delivery performance of existing major projects?
  • Want to access the right skills at the right time to meet your needs?
  • Struggling to quantify and realise benefits from your change initiatives? Suffering from change fatigue?
  • Lack of experience with UK MOD, and need to improve your delivery credibility?

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