7 ways to measure project success

Samuel Crowder
Senior Consultant

“We made it. We delivered exactly what we set out to do ahead of time and are bang on budget.” A great success then?

Well maybe, it depends how you measure it and specifically the points of reference being used. What looks great to the people working on the project might seem a complete disaster for those in senior management. The point is that the measurement of success can be very, very subjective.

Tunnel vision: the light at the end of the tunnel

Alex Instrell
Senior Consultant

In parts 1 and 2, I discussed how organisations deal with risks that impact the realisation of programme benefits, but which are not derived from within the programme itself. We examined case studies of very large, long term programmes which, despite delivering the capabilities planned, failed to deliver benefits. Diagnosing what went wrong, we narrowed our focus to risks of disruptive change in the market, which negate benefits, and to flawed assumptions in how outputs, outcomes and capabilities should lead to benefits.